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About Us

Creating the App

We are a team of young activists including computer scientists, entrepreneurs from MIT, high school students and employees of cutting-edge tech companies. We are collaborating to create a mobile app for young activists. Turnout will serve as a hub for communication between activists, resources (like sample press releases), events (crowd-sourced) and news/content.


What Turnout Will Do for You

Reach Your Activist Potential

Turnout will connect you with local activists in your area, tell you about events and groups nearby, and provide key resources for action. Turnout helps you turn up your activism efficiently.  No more rummaging through different websites to find events nearby. No more examining hundreds of different websites all telling you how to set up a meeting with your legislator. No more scouring through 10 websites all telling you about different grassroots groups nearby. Turnout will make it simple and easy to stay updated and connected, turning online activism into offline activism. You can also keep up with news that is personalized to your interest areas, and find your legislator, too, through our partnership with Polimorphic. Turnout can be useful to all activists, those who are new and those with more experience, helping them to collaborate with each other in a hassle free way. 


Turnout is vital, timely and totally cool!

Deval Patrick, Former Governor of Massachusetts 

Our Mission

Communication Creates Power

There are challenges with communication in numerous organizations, campaigns and movements. Increased communication leads to more activism and higher Turnout for both activism and elections. We believe that there is a unique opportunity to address these challenges, beginning with young people, who have grown up with technology as a constant presence. 

Many people know about a march in Washington, but are totally unaware of other organizations and activists in the next town over. There is tremendous potential for more coordination between individuals and groups. Communication between organizations would benefit everyone, bringing more people to every event and to every opportunity to make a difference. 


Connectivity Creates Power

Many young people find out about events simply through luck, so clearly more young people would attend events if there were an easy and simple method to learn about them.

To solve these challenges and create even more opportunities, we are creating a crowd-sourced social network for activists, where every organization and individual can talk to each other and work together. In the past, efforts such as the Civil Rights Movement have succeeded with strong lines of communication and coordination among different groups. Our hub will re-create and expand upon these successes in a new era of activism, to connect new and experienced student activists across the country to resources, organizations, and each other.


Thousands of young activists are getting involved for the first time and many do not have the tools and connections that they need to continue the momentum of their walkouts and marches. Many young people also lack the experience and opportunities to connect through traditional networking. Many young people do not attend political fundraisers, or drive to committee meetings, nor do they usually have vast pre-existing connections. Turnout will enable young people to reach beyond these obstacles and access their activist potentials.


- Martin Luther King

The history of movements led by young people in the United States is tremendous. Whether it was the Anti-War Movement, the Boy Scouts or the Civil Rights Movement, activism by young people was powerful. Strong lines of communication were instrumental in ensuring success and coordination. During the civil rights movement, knocking on doors, writing in African American Newspapers, speaking at churches, writing letters and assembling phone trees were all common ways of organizing. Today, Turnout will combine all of these features into a simple and powerful app for 21st century activism.


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